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Course Structure

On an Intensive English Course at Lancaster Languages, students will typically have 6–8 hours of training per day, and then more time to practise English in the evenings and at the weekends either with host families, or independently.


Course Length Options


    Course Reference
Short Weekend Saturday - Sunday (15 hours) SHWD
Long Weekend Friday - Sunday (22 hours) LWD
One week part-time mornings or afternoons
Monday - Friday (15 hours)
One week full-time Monday - Friday (37 hours) 1FLT
Two weeks part-time mornings or afternoons
Monday - Friday (30 hours)
Two weeks full-time Monday - Friday (75 hours) 2FLT

We structure the courses so that they are balanced and flexible, and with small-group or one-to-one teaching we can ensure that each course is tailor-made to the needs, aims and preferred learning styles of the individual students.

Each programme will include elements of the four key skills:

  • speaking
  • listening
  • reading
  • writing

whilst simultaneously developing knowledge of:

  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • pragmatics (e.g. using appropriate levels of formality, according to the situation)

Half-day or full-day work-related or cultural visits may also be arranged as part of the course programme.


Example of a one-week full time programme


Sunday   Meet at airport
Meet and greet at Lancaster Languages
Transport to host family
Mon-Wed 9-12 Course
12-2 Lunch - with language activity*
2-5 Course
Evening Main meal and free time with host family
Thursday 9-12 Course
12-2 Lunch - with language activity
2-5 Course
Evening End of course meal with Lancaster Languages
Friday 9-12 Course
12-2 Lunch - with language activity
2-5 Taxi to airport

* During the lunch break, students are encouraged to participate in real-life language activities involving interactions with local people (support will be given as necessary). This is a valuable opportunity for them to put into practice language skills acquired in the classroom, thereby building their confidence in using them.


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Course Structure



Course Structure



Course Structure